Crossing the line: from admiration to love

It’s not an entirely farfetched scenario: A client hires a barcelona escort for the first time, a second and a third, building up a semblance of a professional relationship with the escort. Suddenly, over time, something changes with the client and they find themselves getting more attached to the escort, redefining their relationship. They cross the boundary from just admiring the escort talent from afar to eventually falling in love with them.

So is this a good thing or bad? The short answer is it depends. Love is one of the most complicated things about humanity and to blatantly put labels on something so subjective is counter-intuitive. Let us however look at the situation from both perspectives, from that of the client and the escort. We will try to analyze how falling in love with an escort affects both parties.

For the love struck-client, it will be difficult for them to evaluate their situation by themselves because of the overwhelming desires and accessory emotions brought about by the development of romantic feelings. This will be a precarious situation, especially if the client has familial bonds responsibilities. They might turn reckless and imprudent with how they spend their time and money and this will be a point of contention with family and peers alike.

However, if the client is free of marital obligations, there is not much in the way of hindrance for their romantic feelings aside from the scrutiny of their peers. They are free to love anyone they want but as with any relationship, it is still subject to a mutual understanding. What if their escort does not feel the same way as they do, and does not requite their feelings? What would be their reason?

Escort talents have accustomed themselves, either through innate understanding of their profession or through experience, to the demands of their clients. They know what is required of them and up to what extent, and they therefore have their boundaries. They may even feel the same feelings for their client but the bottom line is; will it be beneficial for the both of them?

Escorts are professionals and that entails a professional responsibility to their craft. They have also garnered an empathetic sense in transacting with their clients. They understand that love is a dangerous gamble for their profession. A client’s love may mean open up a world of genuine affection and a better future for the both of them but more often than not, these feelings lead to a downward spiral of intrigue and false promises they both cannot keep. A reasonable escort knows to have a step back, temporarily or permanently if need be, if they think the pursuit of romance will only cause problems for one or two parties.

Such are the demands and sacrifices of coming in to the escorting industry. It does not mean that happy endings are not possible. There are a few success stories out there about the romantic developments of some clients with their escorts, but again, they are few compared to the more common scenario of unrequited feelings or dangerous situations. Ces’t la vie as the French always say.

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